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Quadrant Online: I'm offended, Therefore I'm Right

Go read Anthony Daniels' take on the modern virtue of tolerance.

Money quote:

"A willingness to take offence has become a desire to take offence; and as we know, appetite grows with the feeding."

Read it here. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Pirate Radio

Do you know what this is?

It's an FM transmitter. You can use it in your car. Simply find an open frequency, plug in some tunes, and you've got your own mobile radio station.

Now imagine that you want to red-pill people, but don't want to have the fallout from publically supporting deplorable right-wing bigoted hatespeech. Or you just want to introduce people to Dr. David Duke's audiobook. This handy little device is the tool for your imagination.

Just today, a man and his son were right behind me in their truck. It looked like they tuned in to my radio station. I saw them tapping along to the same beat, saw them look puzzled at the norwegian songs, and laugh with the comedies.

They particularly liked this one:

I highly recommend you get your own FM transmitter. Even if you don't use it to redpill people, it makes for much better listening than the rot you get on the public stations.

Here's one on Amazon.

Friday, September 9, 2016

The Last Bed of the Little One

In Defense of Moderates

There's been quite a bit of chatter lately about the tactics some perceive as too bold, triggering, and radical. Some argue that such tactics off-put most people, which undermines the movement. Others argue that hard-lineal speech shifts the overton window of acceptable speech. I think this creates a false dichotomy, regardless of the ideology in question.

Hard-line speech has been shown to reliably shift the overton window. With the possible exception of FBI honeypots set up to lure someone into doing something illegal, radicalism helps. It has helped the left-wing, it has helped the right-wing in the past, and there's no reason why it can't do so again. People who broadcast a more extreme message should generally not be considered subversive.

On the other hand, there are plenty of people who get put off by a hard-line message. People who argue that the radicals are undermining the movement should recognize the good track record of the hard-liners. Nevertheless, there are a significant number of people who could have been reached with a moderate, low-energy message that don't respond well to radicals. No one engaged in a battle of ideology can simply overlook an otherwise receptive audience, least of all the alt-right.

Unfortunately, people tend to see moderate/hard-line rhetoric as an either/or proposition; the spread of hard-line thought comes at the expense of the moderate message and vice versa. I'm not sure that this is the case.

A good axiom for moderate-hardline relations is
"Everyone gets to choose their own level of involvement, with the most honor going to those who sacrifice the most."
 For proof, look at our enemies on the left. They have no problem espousing radical ideologies, especially when it is concentrated in certain populations like college students. However, most leftists have a much less radical view. Although at its' core the moderate leftist ideology springs from the same root, the moderates are less likely to comprehend the foundations or the consequences of their ideology. These people are formidable because of the peer pressure they exert and the tame-by-comparison dichotomy they draw with the radical left wing. They get to choose their level of involvement without diluting the hard-line core.

I say we learn from what works.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mozart & Right-wing Death Squads

Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer has recently created a workable guide to the various types of people one finds within neo-nazi circles. Although the alt-right is a bigger tent than merely the neo-nazi movement, the archetypes among neo-nazis are very illustrative because they tend to be the most well-established and the least compromising. His categories are as follows:

  • Ironic Nazis – This group of Neo-Nazis uses imagery of Nazism and claims to be Nazi because it’s funny and upsets Jews and cucks. They like Hitler, but aren’t all that deeply into Third Reich history or the specific economic doctrines of the NSDAP. This label can be applied to at least 70-80% of the Alt-Right. 
  • Anime Nazis – This group of Neo-Nazis shares an equal affinity for Hitler and Japanese cartoons. Some of them may actually like Japanese cartoons more than they like Nazism, but think Hitler was a pretty cool guy and feel the Third Reich aesthetic compliments the Anime aesthetic. 
  • 1488 Skinheads – This group is generally a bit older, as the skinhead movement isn’t especially big in most cities in America presently. They are pretty serious Nazis, but don’t really go into much detail. They feel the imagery of Nazism is powerful, so embrace it, mixed with a type of hardcore street gang aesthetic. They are good people. 
  • Dress-Up Nazis – This group of Nazis dresses up like 1930s German Nazis. I guess it’s mostly based on Rockwell’s strategy of shock-and-awe propaganda, though I can’t say for sure as I’ve never actually met one. Since Bill White got locked up, there haven’t really been any prominent dress-up Nazis. 
  • Serious Business Nazis – This Nazi group is very serious and looks intellectually at the details of the NSDAP movement and seeks to apply it in a pure form to America and other White countries (though almost always without the dressing-up, which serious Nazis view as silly). You will notice them often saying that they are not “Nazis” but “National Socialists,” a distinction that other Nazis don’t generally make. You will also see them somewhat preoccupied with labeling things as “degenerate,” and perhaps opposing certain “vulgar” tactics of the rest of the Alt-Right. They are a relatively small group, and can be a bit overbearing at times, but they are important to have around, in my opinion.

The 1488 crowd and the dress-up nazis have little parallel to any broader part of the alt-right, but the serious business, ironic, and anime types do. Broadly speaking, the alt-right is made up of four overlapping categories of people:

  • Trigger Trolls - This group is responsible for most of the wildly successful memes that have come out of the alt-right, and takes great joy in triggering normies. Their target is primarily the non-intellectual onlookers who like edginess and stick-it-to-the-man attacks. They operate online. They use old-school propaganda techniques with a modern aesthetic and do so very effectively.
  • Intellectuals - Philosophers, behavioral psychologists, theologians, disaffected scientists (especially biologists), economists, and the other thinkers and writers of the movement. Many have had academic careers or are self-employed as writers. Although they vary wildly in their views, there is a near-universal disdain for just about everything to come from the Enlightenment and French revolution. They are the arms manufacturer who supplies the trigger-troll army with ideas. They operate through online blogs, books, and real-world meetings.
  • Self-Improvement Types - These men take the ideas of the intellectuals and apply them to their own lives. They are less concerned with the propagation or creation of an idea then they are with its' application. Bodybuilding and entrepreneurship are notable examples. Relations with women is another common topic. These men tend to be older than the trigger-trolls. They often have a close group of real-life friends and less active online presence. 
  • Dweebs - Socially awkward men. Many come here to vent about their personal problems, others need an excuse for their failure with women, and some just like to cling to celebrity and edginess. Many MGTOWs belong here. 

Classical art can help each of these groups achieve our objective. As noted in another Stormer article, our objective is to win hearts and minds.

Creating a Subculture Which Becomes the Dominant Culture


Trigger trolls have made good use of juxtaposing taboo ideas with silly, harmless, and mildly esoteric images. Pepe is an obvious example. Such tactics form associations between right-wing thought and the non-taboo images. The word viral is apt; the images are the transmission vector for the idea. Memes are a fantastic transmission vector for those who are predisposed to like esoteric, mocking speech.

One of the problems that I see is that there is saturation of the triggering meme market and a deficit in propaganda targeted at the average man. Your average working family man, and those men who want to become one, is not predisposed to like esoteric, mocking memes. Classical art, however, is often held in high regard.  If propaganda is all about choosing the correct transmission vector for the audience, then classical art may provide an avenue into these peoples' minds that baneposting probably won't.

If we're serious about securing the existence of our people and a future for white children, we need family men to be on board. To get them on board, we need to expand our propaganda efforts to target them. Using family men's predisposition to defend their home and their high regard for classical art, we could easily spread our ideas among them. Contrast the danger to the family order that liberalism poses with the safety, beauty, and order of classical art - art that is closely tied to alt-right thought.

Artistic Inspiration

There has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the stillbirth that was alt-right artistic endeavours. The only artistic form we have claimed is the triggering propaganda of the troll army. Recent attempts at popularizing synthwave as a common-man's music are a good step, but there is still a void in the high-culture, intellectual realm. 

The alt-right is a re-birth of the values of our ancestors. We have been exiled from our own history and need to begin again in a hostile land. Our high-culture art should reflect that. Music, architecture, clothing, and literature are particularly important.

In order to portray that rebirth, our high-culture art should be drawn from the classical art of our ancestors. This is not to imply a direct copy of their style. We live a different life. More primal. Nevertheless, the link between our high art and theirs should be as obvious as the link between our burgeoning culture and that of our ancestors.

If we are to become a dominant culture, we need our own high art. Right now, we have nothing worth putting in a museum, nothing worth playing before an audience a thousand years from now. Let's change that.


Classical art has no place in the modern world. It is mocked. It is replaced with horrifically ugly usurpers. It enjoys no elite funding or favor. Kind of like us.

If we are to become a dominant culture, we must first have a separate subculture. I can think of few things that signify the rejection of modernity more than a subculture where classical art has a home. The values that created classical art are so antithetical to modernity that to embrace classical art is often taboo. If you doubt this, look at the sort of buildings going up in your town. Look at the city arts program. There's probably a ratio of 100 modernist-inspired projects to every 1 classically-inspired ones. If we are to visibly reject modernity and form our own subculture, we'll have to have much more than 1-in-100 artistic projects come from our own subculture.


We need to create our own artistic style, not copy a dead one!
  • We absolutely need to create our own artistic style. However, any artistic style created in a vacuum lacks permanence and tradition and cannot preserve values that thrive on permanence and tradition. Our new artistic styles must grow organically out of what our ancestors created. It should also evolve at a multi-generational pace. Anything rapid will undermine the permanence and tradition that a high culture needs.

But what about everyday, common-man's art, like music? 
  • This is about high-culture, not the everyday artistic scene. Common-man's artistic endeavors are temperamental and have less direct impact on the formation of culture. Naturally, common-man's art arises out of the everyday lives of the people. Those lives, in turn, are the products of a way of life. If we establish a way of life through intellectual thought and high-culture art, a way of life will follow and the unique common music will spring up. 

Classical art won't save you from the thought police! You'll still be a racistbigothomophobicevilciswhitescum.
  • Who cares? If you're looking for anything to save you from the thought police, you're looking in vain. Nothing will stop them, certainly not classical art.

    However, there is still good reason to use classical music for culture formation and as a propaganda tool. Neither reason stems from cowardice.

Classical art is boring. It's not edgy enough for me. Why can't we just meme?
  • Memes are great, but they do not constitute the treasures of an actual culture. Online trolling is not a civilization that stands through the centuries. Not everyone has to like or appreciate it, but a high culture is a necessary part of any culture worth saving.

I still think it's boring.


Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Norwegian King, Harald Cuck the Fifth

It's been a week since the Norwegian king's SJW speech, and the fires left it its' wake have not died down. His speech was an attempt to erase the identity of the Norwegian people in one of the most clear expositions of moral relativism ever aired by a member of a royal family. It it, King Harald praises homosexual degeneracy, religious indifferentism, the dissolution of national borders, and that the norwegian ethnicity does not exist and certainly has no claim to control its' own government in it's own land.

“Norwegians are girls who love girls, boys who love boys, and boys and girls who love each other,” the King said in his speech. “Norwegians believe in God, Allah, everything and nothing. Norwegians are also immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Poland, Sweden, Somalia and Syria. It is not always easy to say where we come from, to which nationality we belong. Home is where the heart is. That cannot always be placed within country borders.”

I have noticed a lot of open polarization within the Norwegian community. Usually, Norwegians gloss over or sidestep contentious issues. Not so this time. Online forums for Norwegian affairs blew up for several days over the issue.

Although I support monarchies, I do not support traitors. The Norwegian royal family can and should outlive this period of insanity. In the meantime, remember that a person can only wield authority if it is in conformity to the authority above them. Kings are still under the authority of God, so it is our duty to resist them where the King's laws contradict God's.

Watch the cucking here: