Monday, August 15, 2016

Hilary Kill List

Here's a list of suspicious deaths of people connected to Hillary Clinton by their name and nature of connection. I offer no statement as to the motive behind the death because I have better things to do with my life; this is posted here as a launching point in your own investigations.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The Hall of Heroes: St. Sebastian, Martyr

Born in Roman Milan, St. Sebastian joined the army and quickly rose to become a captain of the Praetorian Guard for his courage. He served under Emperors Diocletian and Maximilian who were unaware of Sebastian's Christian faith. Under the persecutions, Sebastian's own brothers were imprisoned for their refusal to make a blasphemous sacrifice to the Roman gods. Their parents tried to convince the imprisoned brothers to renounce Christianity, but Sebastian converted both the parents to Christianity instead. He later converted the local Roman Prefect who later became a saint.

Eventually, the Emperors discovered Sebastian's hidden faith and ordered him to be executed. Sebastian was tied to a stake and used as a target for archery practice. Sebastian -- though riddled with arrows "like a sea urchin" -- survived and was nursed back to health.

After his recovery, Sebastian snuck into the Imperial Palace and surprised the Emperor in a stairwell. The Emperor was shaken by Sebastian's sudden appearance, and Sebastian publicly berated the Emperor for his sins. The Emperor then ordered a second execution where St. Sebastian was beaten to death with clubs. His body was thrown into the sewer, but he was recovered by a Christian woman and buried in the catacombs. In the early middle ages, his skull was encased in silver and used as a cup for wine during the saint's feast day at a monastery in Germany.

St Sebastian is the patron of soldiers, athletes, pestilence, and noble death.
St. Sebastian, ora pro nobis.

Mapping the Rising Tide: A Daily Stormer demographic study

Demographics is destiny, they say, and destiny is worth studying. The good folks over at the Daily Stormer have compiled a concise list of charts and tables from U.S. government statistics that highlight the nation's demographic trends.

Go bookmark this for quick reference. You can also find it under the Demographics list here on this website.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Theological plea to Pope Francis Leaked

In response to the latest apostolic exhortation Amoris Laetitia (Or, as Ms. Barnhardt notes,  The Joy of Sodomy), many theologians and prominent Catholics signed a letter detailing their opposition to the statements contained within the exhortation that give the impression that heretical opinions may be legitimately held by Catholics. The letter, along with the names of the signatories, was leaked to an Australian newspaper.

You can download the 13-page leaked letter here:

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Not Your Daddy's Insurgency

An article over at the U.S. Army War College's Strategic Studies Institute penned in 2014 details the Army's thoughts on the nature of future insurgencies. The move away from institutional marxism is noted. In the 21st Century:
"Such insurgencies are ideological in nature and may also draw upon nationalistic underpinnings, as was utilized in Vietnam. Specific characteristics of this type of insurgency are: it is premeditated, driven by the political, established by a parallel (shadow) government, utilizes violence—typically targeted and instrumental in nature, with the desired end state being political control over a nation-state." [1]

The ideologically-motivated marxist revolutions of yesteryear are being replaced with criminal, spiritual, and plutocratic threats. The originator of the theory, Dr. Steven Metz, wrote that

"Spiritual insurgency... will be driven by the problems of modernization, the search for meaning, and the pursuit of justice. " [2]

This was penned in 1993. I would further refine his category of "spiritual insurgency" as "identity insurgency". This identity-motivated insurgency can be broken down into religious and ethnic variations.


Criminal insurgencies are not per-se politically motivated, but mirror other insurgencies in that they aim to remove the areas under their control from the national rule of law. Mexican drug cartels are a textbook example of this type of insurgency. Unlike prohibition-era crime rings, these groups do not wish to merely fly under the radar and use the law to punish their enemies, leaving the rule of law untouched for the general population. These criminal groups seek to establish de facto political control of their territory and the entire population residing therein. These groups are funded largely by illicit activities, especially drug trafficking.

They pose a threat to the state in that they seek to usurp political control in their territories. 


Globalized corporations are increasingly beyond the jurisdiction of nation-states, and often attempt to exert their own will on national policy. In essence,

"We must move beyond the blinders of both realist (state focused) and liberal (free markets are infallible) school tenets in our perspectives on international relations and accede that: a) nonstate entities now have the power to challenge states; and, b) globalized capitalism is increasingly in variance with Western state moderated capitalism which seeks to mitigate large inequalities in our social class structures."

"Law enforcement and judicial elements of co-opted states can be “legally utilized” by the plutocratic insurgents to suppress anti-plutocratic protests and demonstrations." [1]

The fact that the Army recognizes this comes as a welcome surprise to me. The idea that the free markets are infallible fonts of good has done more to undermine our nation's sovereignty and unity than communism ever had. It also points implicitly to a needed shift in values. We must recognize the threat of treating money-making as the summit of human activity, never to be restrained for a higher good.

Unfortunately, the author hinted that there is no sovereign authority capable of dealing with this threat, implying that such an organization should be created. The creation of such an authority was already attempted in the UN, an organization brimming with plutocratic machinations.

The possibility for a state-moderated, and therefore semi-isolationist, economic solution is also encouraged. This seems to be a more resilient solution than the creation of a global authority capable of putting the oligarchs to flight. Brexit is a notable example. Another good example of this method is Russia's recent ban on Soros's Open Society Foundation as a threat to national security. Any group listed as such will have "Its assets in Russia must be frozen, its offices closed and the distribution of any of its materials must be banned" [3]

Should such measures be enacted by nation-states across the globe, globalist plutocrats could be starved out.


Identity-driven conflict is one of the most explosive forms of insurgency in the West. Europe is already quite well acquainted with the foot soldiers of Islam asserting their identity. Ethnic Europeans are increasingly asserting their identity as well. The U.S. may be in an even more explosive situation, with the blocs of blacks and mexicans vying for political control while the native whites lack the ancestral traditions their European brethren can rally around. The rise of Trump and BLM are the tame harbingers of this conflict.

Western governments are officially neutral to the identity of their citizens, which is why they see identity groups as insurgents. Traditionally, the native ethnic majority could consider the government as their representative for group identity; now that this is no longer the case, both the native ethnic group and the various competing ethnic groups must all vie for power against each other without the support of the government. Religious groups compete in a similar manner. Both religious and ethnic groups may be referred to collectively as identity groups.

The demographic trend of various identity groups is one of the battlegrounds. Deprived of legal means by which to compete for dominance and lacking the will or firepower to engage in a conventional insurgency, population growth becomes the weapon of choice to control future loyalties. As David Galula wrote in his seminal work Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice:

"Afflicted with his congenital weakness, the insurgent would be foolish if he mustered whatever forces were available to him and attacked his opponent in a conventional fashion, taking as his objective the destruction of the enemy’s forces and the conquest of the territory. Logic forces him instead to carry the fight to a different ground where he has a better chance to balance the physical odds against him. 

"The population represents this new ground. If the insurgent manages to dissociate the population from the counterinsurgent, to control it physically, to get its active support, he will win the war because, in the final analysis, the exercise of political power depends on the tacit or explicit agreement of the population or, at worst, on its submissiveness. Thus the battle for the population is a major characteristic of the revolutionary war." [4]

This new form of warfare does not expose the group practicing it to the risks of a government backlash because the government has no policy against the birthrates of its different identity groups (at least not at the moment). The government, however, will protect identity groups from physical and legal backlash from other groups. The competition, therefore, becomes one in which
  1. The group with the highest birthrate eventually dwarfs the other groups, or
  2. A group imposes legal restrictions on other identity groups, or
  3. All legal consequences to inter-group conflict are no longer enforced, aka civil war.
Open conflict requires groups to either dominate the government or render the government helpless, which the identity-neutral government rightly views as insurgency. And since other groups don't take kindly to being bred out of their own land, open conflict will eventually occur.

[1]  Op-Ed: Not Your Grandfather's Insurgency — Criminal, Spiritual, and Plutocratic 

[2] The Future of Insurgency

[3] Russia Bans Soros Foundation

[4] Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice

Monday, July 18, 2016

Friday, July 8, 2016

FBI Hilary Leak May Have Been True

The previous post about a supposed FBI leak on /pol/ may be true. The following has been revealed:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

FBI Investigator Leak on /Pol/

The following is ostensibly a leak from an FBI worker who is familiar with the Clinton case. If true, then we are in for much more interesting times than many of us had predicted. It may just be confirmation bias, as the OP praises Trump for mastering, so the best test of its' accuracy is to watch the indictment proceedings and election and do your own research into his claims. In particular, when asked about an upcoming false flag he replies "Watch the conventions carefully." He also implores us to dig into the Clinton Foundation, hinting at child sex slavery, financing international terror, and encouraging war with Russia and China.

Thread 1:
Thread 2:

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Vocabulary Cargo Cults

 "This habit of borrowing words from the dead past tends to mislead the people into thinking that the external trappings of its vocabulary are the important feature of a movement." ~Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

Although Hitler was here talking about the neo-pagans in 1930s Germany and their tendency to glorify the tales and cultural peculiarities of the ancient germanic pagans, these words could easily describe many other similar groups today. Just as the cargo cults of the pacific islands would continue their rituals hoping that the airplane-gods would send them food again, many modern intellectual fads tend to recite phrases and actions in a manner largely divorced from the essence of those phrases and actions.

Here are some notable examples in our own backyard.

What they think they are
How they act

Deus Vult!!1!
What they think they are
What they do

Refugees Welcome
What they think they are
What they do

Proclaiming ideas the vocabulary of Christian charity, or of the third reich, or of the crusades, does not mean those ideas belong to the movement from which the vocabulary is borrowed. The easiest test for this is to examine the lives of those who follow the resurrected language; Do their lives mirror those they profess to imitate?

In Hitler's observations, the neo-pagans of his day spoke all the time about the glories of old warriors and modern weakness, yet when faced with the communist bludgeon they scattered, their talk of martial glory forgotten. The nazis themselves, although not waxing poetic about the old martial ways, imitated the actions of the old pagans much more than the neo-pagan larpers ever did.

Similarly, many neo-nazis wrap themselves in the language of the third reich with precious little of the character that typified the German people in those days. The fact that many of them are FBI is beside the point. As was pointed out on a Daily Stormer interview, your stereotypical conservative Christian dad lives the fourteen words much more closely than many bikers and neo-nazis. That the neo-nazis retain the symbolism of the third reich does not mean that they continue to embody its' ideals.

And the refugees welcome crowd is no exception. couched in the language of christian charity and helping one's neighbor, they invite war and genocide into their own homes. The un definition of genocide is "Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part". It requires no great effort to show that the combination of low native european birthrates combined with the massive influx of foreigners could be considered a genocide simply from a demographic sense. The fact that many of the foreigners are hostile makes the case for genocide clearer. The refugees welcome crowd is enabling genocide-- just like Jesus would.

In light of this, look beyond symbols into a group's behavior and effects. Sometimes a group will live virtuous principles under an unusual flag.

Friday, July 1, 2016

Women: The New Nobility

Professor Matthew Raphael Johnson penned a guest piece over at EuropeWide. In it, he argues that modern western women possess legal and social dominance over men, especially in the courts. His findings were based on a commissioned study by the Pennsylvania county bar, in which the author was tasked with reporting on why 97% of men signed restraining orders filed against them without any legal representation, even though the restraining orders committed them to a life of poverty and helplessness.

His conclusion?

It is men who pass these laws and it is men who justify them. This proves that women rule absolutely. When men pass these laws even they realize that they might well be the victim of them, female rule is complete and without historical precedent. A man is not secure in his home or in his property if a women is living with him. Muscular, powerful women, when attacked by weaker men, are seen as helpless victims.

He also goes on to explain how wage pressures from massively increasing the labor supply through feminism and immigration was promoted by the short-term interests of the business elite. The devastation of feminism on the social order was considered more of a poison to social order than immigration because, in his words,

"the feminist issue is far more powerful because immigrants do not hold the self-esteem of males in the palm of their hand."

In his time reviewing Pennsylvania restraining order cases, he found that evidential proof was never found to be weighed in the man's favor.

"It does differ by country, with some judges being stricter than others. On the rare occasions these orders are denied,it is because a) the woman does not show to the hearing, b) the couple is reconciled, c) the man kills himself or d) the woman’s testimony is so manifestly irrational that the judge gets suspicious. I failed to find a single case where the PFA was rejected because the evidence of the circumstance favored the male."

I agree that feminism emasculated men by depriving them of the necessary social and legal framework that incentivizes men to marry and be productive. Without this social and legal structure, men were both unable to pursue and increasingly uninterested in matters of the nation's survival. White emasculation has led to forgoing children and abandoning national sovereignty. Or current demographic trends show that whites will be a dramatically small percent of the world population if not altogether extinct.

In light of this information, I consider those advocating for the continued destruction of the patriarchal social order to be genocidal maniacs. If there is to be any hope for the survival of our people, this evil institution must be destroyed and the natural order re-established.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Battle of Sacramento

Americans love an honorable underdog. It may be that our new underdogs are traditionalists.

Members of the Traditionalist Worker Party were attacked by overwhelming numbers of anti-fascist counter-protesters during the TWP's legal, peaceful, permitted rally at the Sacramento capitol building. The antifa showed up armed with baseball bats, knives, and 2x4s and attacked the folks holding the rally. Several people were injured on both sides, including multiple stabbing casualties. Many of the antifa were recorded on camera attacking police, reporters, and passersby.

Apparently, the anti-fascists were mistaken for the "fascists".
"One woman approached the anti-fascist crowd with a “Love conquers hate” sign because she thought they were the fascists. There was a brief period of yelling between her and the crowd before the misunderstanding was straightened out." ~SacBee

The antifa's stated goal in this attack and other similar events was to deny the "Nazis" a platform for free speech. They failed miserably. After the attack, Mr. Matthew Heimbach, was interviewed by many major news outlets. The antifa, which are usually portrayed as heroes, only had footage showing them attacking people and vandalizing property. a spokesman for the leftist group, a teacher at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, admitted to felonies on camera with a news reporter. The traditionalists defended themselves and were recorded as not throwing the first blow. What a victory!

The widely publicized degeneracy of antifa was met with near-universal condemnation, even by the mainstream commentators. Strategically, they made a huge mistake. The TWP platform has received unprecedented coverage, the antifa are being seen as the greater evil and weak to boot, and our side gained a lot of courage and credibility.

One of the biggest challenges facing traditionalists has been the emotional recoil most people have towards a group associated with "Nazis" or "Right-wing anything". We may be seeing the feelings of disgust turn towards antifa and associated leftist groups. Leftist groups have largely been seen as the defenders of everything good because they used rhetoric of compassion, love, and liberty, which are rightly valued by the people. If the public perception shifts to see us on the right as being the defenders of these values, we will see a monumental shift in the allegiances of the nation.

The most common sentiment from the Don't Take A Side crowd is expressed in the following comment:
"Yvette Falarca [the middle school teacher calling for violence] is a total RWNJ! Heard her on the radio last night claiming that the skinheads don't have First Amendment rights because they are skinheads and her group disagrees. Where do these whackos come from or even get these ideas? I may not agree with the skinheads but I agree with her even less!"

Take a look at the Google Trends chart of searches for "Traditional Worker Party":

It will be very interesting to see if the level of interest returns to a higher level than it was before the attacks.

Here is a video of the antifa attacking a news reporter crew, apparently trying to kick the news crew out of the event and destroy their cameras. 

And footage from the phone of one of the antifa, posted apparently in support of the liberal gang, which shows a mob them chasing down and beating the men of the TWP with 2x4s, damaging a car, and screaming obscenities. The TWP "nazis" showed remarkable restraint in the chase, where they are even recorded asking the antifa to stop even as they are being chased down.

This is a reminder to work on your cardio, weight training, and fighting skills. Keep yourself in a state of grace. If you have the means, please send some support for our boys' medical bills. Give yourself a primer on TWP's stances here. Our enemies want us dead, and satan wants us to rot in hell. Don't give 'em that chance.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Friday, June 24, 2016

Rule Britannia!

May England rule the waves!
Just remember, us Americans still had the best #Brexit.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Ben & Jerry's Goes Full SJW

The ice cream merchants at Ben & Jerry's just posted a manifesto about systemic racism on their company website, found here. They also posted a link to university-funded "implicit bias" tests. Go for a high score! All of their other related articles on their website are also related to SJW themes.

Usually, companies often pay just enough lip service to the marxist social cause du jour, which is why Ben & Jerry's full court press seemed unusual.

It turns out that stereotypes are stereotypes for a reason.

Looking into the company leadership showed a remarkable coincidence.

Ben Cohen
Jerry Greenfield

Ben & Jerry's was bought by massive multinational conglomerate Unilever. Unilever co-founder and politician, Samuel van den Bergh, is listed on the Wikipedia list of notable Dutch (((merchantmen))).

Maybe it's all just a coincidence.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Faithful Centurion

Case study: Jesus did not condemn the faithful Centurion or even imply that his military duties, which include lawful killing, are sinful. In other cases where Jesus interacts with faithful people that are stuck in sin, he never fails to condemn their sin. Since he does not condemn the life of the Centurion, even granting a miracle because of his faith, it stands to reason that just military duty is not a sin in the eyes of God.